Oct – Dec Q4 2021 Net Worth Update

Always late and behind the curve with my submission but I am a completer finisher so need a full set of reports even if they are late. This is just a quick summary of Q4 2021 and will leave the majority of the review and reflection to my end of year review. Finance wise aContinue reading “Oct – Dec Q4 2021 Net Worth Update”

Apr-June Q2 2021 Net Worth Update

Q2 is going so well I missed posting my update and am over a month late. It’s a cliché but time flies while I am jogging along slowly. My horizons along with everyone else’s are opening up as restrictions are lifted, we can mingle, travel and socialise, more or less at our will. It feelsContinue reading “Apr-June Q2 2021 Net Worth Update”

Jan-March Q1 2021 Net Worth Update

Another good quarter personally and financially. Professionally things as very much the same which veers from good to OK to please let this stop! With the not so startling conclusion that we are in this working from home for a good while yet I decided to create the ‘office of my dreams’, not quite butContinue reading “Jan-March Q1 2021 Net Worth Update”

March Challenge: Planning for decumulation

I have loved reading Indeedably’s Sovereign Quest challenge ‘Planning for Decumulation‘, including Weenie, FI UK Money and Gentlemen’s Family Finance. I may be a bit late to the party but thought I would put my two penneth in. It has been an interesting to contemplate and work out some of the detail. Until thinking about this challengeContinue reading “March Challenge: Planning for decumulation”

2020 Year in Review / 2021 Goals

I had to get this in before the end of January as you can’t do a year in review once we are February. It’s the rules! 2020 was another good year financially. I remained fully employed working at home, with limited discretionary expenditure on going out and holidays allowing me to increase my savings rate.Continue reading “2020 Year in Review / 2021 Goals”

Oct-Dec 2020 Net Worth Update

A good quarterly personally, professionally and financially. I find as the end of the year comes into view I accelerate on things that have been outstanding for while with renewed vigour. I finished work on 18 December with a relatively tidy inbox, almost completed to do list and some good feedback from colleagues on myContinue reading “Oct-Dec 2020 Net Worth Update”

July-Sept 2020 Net Worth Update

Many of my colleagues are enjoying working from home using those extra commuting hours to exercise, spend more time with their family or just enjoying the extra free time. Not me. The lines between home and work are blurred and my working day is expanding. Some of things I would like to do in myContinue reading “July-Sept 2020 Net Worth Update”