March Challenge: Planning for decumulation

I have loved reading Indeedably’s Sovereign Quest challenge ‘Planning for Decumulation‘, including Weenie, FI UK Money and Gentlemen’s Family Finance. I may be a bit late to the party but thought I would put my two penneth in. It has been an interesting to contemplate and work out some of the detail. Until thinking about this challengeContinue reading “March Challenge: Planning for decumulation”

The Light Bulb Moment

Knowing the path is different from walking the path Knowing other people are planning on retiring early or have done so is different from knowing you can do it. There is a process of awareness raising, understanding the concept, internalising it, having a mental shift and then thinking that’s me that is, I can andContinue reading “The Light Bulb Moment”

Top 5 important truths I have to unlearn

I love Maven Money podcast though I know Andy Hart, the presenter can be a bit Marmite. I have been inspired by episode 123 ‘Top 10 Important Truths We Have Had To Unlearn with John Ndege‘. It has made me reflect and write about the received wisdom or unchallenged assumptions I have taken as ‘truths’Continue reading “Top 5 important truths I have to unlearn”