About Me

To squirrel “to put (something) in a safe or secret place especially so that it can be kept for future use”


Am 50 something married child free and irritated with myself that I have only just really seriously focused myself on achieving financial freedom.

I have been unofficially squirreling since 2012 when I was unhappy in my job (by the way I do not work in financial services) and decided to focus on

  1. getting a job I really liked, and while I did that
  2. make every pound count

I got a job I really liked but carried on saving and got more interested in personal finance, saving and investing. I consume most of my financial information through podcasts and love Meaningful Money, Money to the Masses and Maven Money.

Only recently, maybe in the last 6 months (it is down August 2019) have I really been hearing a lot about FIRE through Meaningful Money‘s and Maven Money‘s interviews with The Escape Artist – and finally felt like I’d found my tribe – from there I followed the trail to Financial Independence UK Facebook page, ChooseFI and other FIRE bloggers such as Quietly Saving.

So now am re-energised, re-focussed, wanting to build networks in the UK FIRE community and have got inspired to start my own blog, to chart my journey, challenge myself and link in with fellow FIRE chasers.

To find out more check out ‘How did I get here?

Let’s build something together.

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