June 2020 Net Worth Update

June has been a much better month for me, I have felt less stressed and anxious, had a birthday and done some really nice virtual and face to face social activities.

I am making sure I keep track of my well being and do something every day which I know makes me feel better. I have also taken the advice of Vicki Robin and Jo Dominguez in ‘Your Money or Your Life’ and not linked ‘work’ and what drive and interests me with how I earn my money.

Again as last month due to a reduced monthly expenditure I am able to save an additional amount, less than last month but still £380. This boosts me to a 61% savings rate for June. The goal is for increasing my savings rate to be some kind of weird kick and something I am motivated to keep going as restrictions are released.

In terms of net worth June is another bumper month from my point of view with an increase of £3,532 from last month increasing the YTD increase to 5.9%.

How odd does it feel with such a strong bounce back by the stock market at the same time as any companies starting to announce redundancies?

Actions from June

Last month I have been continuing my financial education. I did put together a ‘Transformation Plan’ which outlines what I need to do over the next 2 years to change my career to Financial Services. A ‘Transformation Plan‘ is a really useful and visual tool to show what activities you need to achieve over time to realise your goal or vision.

It was also the June MCR FIRE meet-up online – FI Book Club on 19 June where I introduced ‘Your Money or Your Life’ by Vicki Robin and Jo Dominguez and C gave us a summary of ‘The Millionaire Next Door’. As usual a really good evening chatting with like-minded people. The next meet up is in August with a focus on side hustles, in particular Match Betting which am very interested in.

Personal Expenditure last month

Total personal expenditure for June £380, again an increase on the previous month from 38% to 49% of what I actually allocate. Again largest categories Charity and ‘Entertainment’. Quite a bit on presents as had some birthdays but also unfortunately some lovely colleagues leaving my work for other jobs and leaving fixed term contracts. As restrictions are released I had my first trip back on public transport and a trip into town for a meal out. Felt strange and strangely familiar .

I did some great things this month

  • A virtual cocktail night with ex and current work colleagues
  • A face to face wine club meet up with friends
  • A picnic in the rain for my birthday!
  • The London FIRE meet up

Action for next month

I am half way through Grant Sabatier’s ‘Financial Freedom’. I am finding I am enjoying reading FI books rather than blogs at the minute. I find reading a book requires more concentration – so it makes me focus, and its not on screen so its suiting me more at the minute. I am also half way through a free Open Learn OU course ‘Managing My Financial Journey‘, which isn’t really about managing your financial journey it is about the history of the banking and finance industry, causes of the Great Financial Crash and how it changed Financial Services, Financial Regulation and financial products. Sounds boring but its not am enjoying it and I am hoping it will help with my studies toward a career change to Financial Services.

So my priority is to finish ‘Financial Freedom’ and the OU course and sign up for the Chartered Insurance Institute ‘Award in Financial Administration’, and get started proper with getting some financial qualifications under my belt.

4 thoughts on “June 2020 Net Worth Update

    1. Glad you like it – I find it difficult to sit down and write an interesting piece so just concentrate on making sure I get my numbers done once a month – so appreciate it if someone else appreciates it – I must admits I am nosey and love it when people give me the £s and pence !


  1. The OU course sounds interesting, but maybe they should’ve given it a more accurate name!

    The CII Award for Financial Administration looks like a good step towards a new career. How long do you expect it to take you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Agree the name does seem misleading but to be fair I am only half way through it heading into week 3 (their week 3 my week 4 or 5!)

    The award is 120 hrs of study so plan on doing 6-10 hrs a week when I get going so should take maybe 6 months – am aiming to sign up to start in September- well that’s the plan !!


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