Oct – Dec Q4 2021 Net Worth Update

Always late and behind the curve with my submission but I am a completer finisher so need a full set of reports even if they are late. This is just a quick summary of Q4 2021 and will leave the majority of the review and reflection to my end of year review.

Finance wise a good quarter with an average savings rate for the quarter of 64% (above my goal of 60%), total increase in net worth, £9,559 that is 5.7% increase since last quarter and 26% year to date.

Financial stress and the ongoing saga of the sale of a buy to let property was finally over 13 November 2021, yeahh, so now fully invested, more of this in my year in review.

Error Q4 Dec 22 should say Q4 Dec 21

Have done some great things this quarter including

  • Dino world at the Trafford Centre with my family including my great nephew
  • A visit to the Stoke Ceramic Biennale
  • Grayson’s Art Club at Manchester Art Gallery
  • A very long weekend in Amsterdam
  • Weekend with old college friends
  • Gigs including Baxter Dury and Tricky
  • Meal out with School friends
  • Walks around Cheesden Brook (2) and on the Millennium Walk Way New Mills
  • Bootcamp Xmas Do
  • Works Xmas Do at Tattu
  • An evening with Alan McGee
  • Xmas dinner with friends
  • More meals out with L and M
  • Family Xmas
  • Cream Tea at Hotel Gotham

Actions for last quarter

  • Complete my bootcamp 8 week plan and lose another 7lbs to include having a plan to get them abs
    • Completed but only 4lbs weight loss
  • Have a plan for if / when complete my R02
    • Complete fail
  • Complete the work on my flat, finally sell it and invest the money
    • Finally over the line and complete
  • Earning another £300-£400 in my side hustle
    • Actually earned £537
  • Think seriously about whether I will FIRE in June by 55th birthday. I need a pension valuation, another review, refresh and reflect on finances, and more importantly a real life plan of how I will spend my time.
    • More in my 2021 reflections

Happy belated New Year!

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