April 2020 Net Worth Update

I feel like I am getting into the swing of life in lockdown. I must admit I did struggle before Easter, but since our time off over the long week I seem have learnt to better work and live at home and personally am feeling more on an even keel.

It is really humbling to hear about and see how people are responding to the crisis, particularly our NHS and other key workers. I feel sheltered from it with most of my family and friends working at home or being furloughed. I want to understand what is going on in the UK and abroad so I am watching the news, I am very much a news junky but am rationing myself … just a little.

I am still behind blogging both writing and reading – have loads of ideas for posts but for some reason the garden and kitchen deep cleans are taking my attention! This and my financial education in more general is something I want to prioritise for the next few months. Let’s see how I get on!

Getting to figures, where are we for April then? I have continued with a savings rate of 40% and topped up my investements with £572 from cash – the change in my net worth has been an increase of £1550 or 1.3% from last month (small yeah), however I am down 1.4% from the end of 2019 (small boo).

Actions from March

  • The main activity was to have the April MCR FIRE – Friday 17th April, using Zoom – I think it went really well and I will try and do a separate update. It was different of course, we used Zoom, and there were I think about 30 people, most from the North but some from farther afield, including fellow FIRE chasers from the London FI group. We had a couple of presentations from D and M and lots of discussion, which continued well after the ‘formal’ part of the evening.
  • Am dong OK keeping sane, positive, and connected, Have built up many a new habit of Zoom family calls, quizzes with friends and work colleagues. Have also been enjoying online festivals through United We Stream and Open Mic Nights e.g. One Mic Stand – am going to do a post on what I’ve been up to in lockdown in response to Saving Ninja’s Thought Experiment challenge.
  • … and not drinking too much cheap cider. A big fail here I have to admit.

Personal Expenditure last month

Total expenditure for April £194 which is 29% down on my monthly average and 26% of what I actually allocate for my personal expenditure. It does still amaze me that I can spend £200 and not supposed to be leaving the house, however it is all reasonable. The main expenditure of presents including some nice folders for mother’s day (£77.95), charity contributions (£46.90) and ‘Entertainment’ which now consists of books and booze! I am accruing some of my allocated personal expenditure to buy a new phone, and if I have any money left I will invest it.

Action for next month

Next month I really want to concentrate on my own personal financial education, this involves reading more including finishing ‘The Simple Path the Wealth’ and other FI books – I currently have, ‘Your Money or Your Life’, the Choose FI book and David Sawyer’s RESET on my to read list. I also want to use the blog to reflect my reading, deepen my understanding and take action. I am also doing FI101 ChooseFI’s online FI course.

At work, I and a colleague are our team’s ‘well being champions’. We are using the six ways to well being to support and engage each other in well being activities. The six ways to well being include, connect, take notice, be active, keep learning, give and care. There is nothing about financial well being so am planning on putting something of my own together for colleagues.

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